Your Personal Soft Skills in a personal video! Including Inspiration and flowers!

Now is the perfect time to reflect on your soft skills

We have to get used to a new world these days. Social distancing gives us the possibility to think about how we work together. Is it possible to improve the effectiveness of our collaboration? It definitely is. Being aware of your collaboration skills is a start to improve them. Nieuwe Routes put your skills on a personalised worldmap. A video will show your characteristics in villages, mountains, bridges, etc.. 

Now including flowers, enjoy them, instead of waste them..

#BuyFlowersNotToiletpaper is an initiative from the dutch flower industry. NieuweRoutes supports this initiative and gives you a code to order a bouqet for your self or for one of your relatives. You get this code after answering the 24 questions under this button. Please answer the questions with a specific work situation in mind. You will  get the video in your dashboard. Press this button for your dashboard or watch the introduction video first. Please leave your mailadres if you have a question.